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About Us


Who are H&H Bootmakers?

H&H, which stands for “His and Hers,” is a luxury shoe and bootmaker for men and women.  We craft and tailor premium footwear to expertly fit your feet, your budget, and your sense of fashion.

We design and customize all our own products, making everything we sell by hand in our family-owned European factories.

Our standards of sustainability and integrity makes us trailblazers in the industry and is reflected in or treatment of staff and affiliates, as well as, our select choice of materials.


Historically, Old England bootmakers crafted shoes and ankle boots from leather while shoemakers crafted shoes from felt and cloth.  H&H takes pride in championing the tradition of leather shoemaking, and we preserve the bootmakers' identity as a nod to old-world quality.  In our industry, H&H Bootmakers are the custodians of this great skill.


Our footwear is an uncommon mix of modern design and classic tradition.  Our seasoned crafters produce loafers, oxfords, derbies, boots, cowboy boots, and matching belts. We offer our own unique designs that deliver a measured balance of form & fashion.


H&H philosophy grows from a superior technique, an erudite style, and two pillars of operation.  This foundation ensures a holistic and gratifying experience as we epitomize premium craftsmanship.

Pillar One: Tradition of Craftsmanship Our Company has been in operation in various forms since the early 20th Century. We operate in a region with hundreds of years of history in crafting footwear. We own our factory in Europe and employ our own handpicked staff. Our master shoemakers have a minimum standard of 20 years’ experience and most are 4th or 5th generation shoemakers.

We Never Outsource:  Our product is exclusively cultivated by the hands of our highly prized craftsmen and women.

Pillar Two: Sustainability H&H is committed to minimizing waste.

We manufacture products according to client specification and demand.  This allows us to refrain from guesswork, speculation, and overproduction. We engineer shoes and boots to last and because of our commitment to this standard, we offer a membership service that ensures lifelong warranty for all our footwear.

Our leather is sourced from quality producers with the highest European environmental certifications, and we honor and promote sustainability with the use of natural materials and minimal use of chemicals and glues.

We do everything to earn the claim of our motto “Premium Handmade”.


First, a choice of ground-breaking 3D-scanning technology or a manual measurement of your foot size, shape, and width generates a personal cast that is kept on file for future orders.  Ordering different styles and models is made easy, and this system permits us to create each pair to your specifications. Next:

  • H&H master crafters create your footwear to perfection.
  • Your shoes are presented in the style & color of your choice.
  • Custom fitted perfection arrives directly to you in 3 to 6 weeks.

  • Our mix of old-world crafting and new world technology creates the absolute perfect fit!


    H&H Bootmakers turned the “old ways” of shoe and boot making on its head, recognizing that we’ve entered a new era where sustainability, quality, and classic style are a minimum demand.

    We control the entire chain of production.  This self-sufficiency guarantees every detail of work and allows us to offer three different lines of service to suit your wallet.

  • Ready to wear, normal sizes and widths
  • Bespoke, completely fitted to your feet
  • A life with H&H, get every model as Bespoke of our shoes before we release them

  • Hand Crafted Luxury

  • European Style & Tradition

  • Highest Quality

  • Full Warranty, life time warranty available
  • Sustainability